About Mars Gallery

More than 25 years ago, Mars Gallery opened up shop in Chicago’s West Loop, pioneering a new neighborhood for the city’s artists. Our owners helped found a new art enclave that today is a destination for art lovers across the country.

Housed in a 19th century all-brick timber loft, the gallery is home to a wonderful variety of art and artists, including contemporary, modern pop art, abstract, figurative and more. Its three stories are packed with art, displayed on every surface, even suspended from the ceilings.

The staff of Mars Gallery welcomes anyone with a curious spirit. Whether you’re an experienced art collector, or you’re just beginning to find your eye, we’re thrilled to help you find works that fill your home with inspiration and spark engaging conversation. Our staff is known for having exquisite taste, and we take care to ensure you choose artwork you’ll love for a lifetime.

As a bonus: We also offer custom framing services, for work purchased at our gallery or elsewhere, as well as residential and commercial art installation. Make an appointment today to learn more.

During the early years, flanked by warehouses and the meat packing district, Mars Gallery became as well known for its late-night parties as it was for its idiosyncratic artwork.

Through the decades, the West Loop has evolved into one of Chicago’s trendiest neighborhoods…but Mars Gallery has retained its unconventional flair. (Its elevator bar is still one of the West Side’s coolest places to grab a cocktail.)

Our artists

Many artists from Chicago and beyond have shown their work at Mars Gallery. Past exhibitors include: Reb Roberts, Howard Finster, Keith Haring, Tom D., Michael Hedges, Karen Parisian, Ed Paschke, RA Miller, Mose Toliver, Kevin Luthardt, Ken Brown, John Stango, Craig Kersten, Sioban Lombardi, Karen Brittain, Eric Skaggs, Syndy Ziegenfuss, John Stango, Jay Ryan, Frank Kozik, Lauren Brescia, Jeff Schaller, Joey Africa, Rodney White, Melody Postma, Ben Synstelien, Mark Huddle, Lee Godie, Wesley Willis, Artistic Bombing Crew, and many, many more.

The Vortex

Since its opening, Mars Gallery has played host to what we call "the Vortex," a center of creative energy that many people feel vibrate through their bodies and minds. According to parapsychologists, much of the creative energy that appears here at Mars Gallery derives from the gallery space’s location: almost directly on top of one of Earth's "energy vortex circles."

The creative vibrational energy inside the gallery is unmistakable. Feeling adventurous? We encourage visitors to experience the energy from the source. Down the back alley, near the gallery's rear loading docks, you’ll find circular squiggles of spray paint and diamond dust that Chicago artists traditionally leave as tokens of gratitude. This is the center of the Vortex. If you see memorial objects, please do not remove them, artists consider this sacred ground. Take in the space and allow yourself to relax. Chances are, you’ll feel an energizing influx of creativity.

Get inspired!

Unconventional? Probably. Inspiring? Definitely! Whether or not the Vortex is for you, we invite you to experience the creativity that our neighborhood inspires. Many Chicago artists thrive in this West Loop district; there are artists’ studios tucked away in almost every building in the area. If you’d like to find out more about touring some of their spaces, contact us for guidance.