Art Installation

You’ve chosen a fantastic piece of art. You’ve had us create a distinctive custom frame. Now: Where and how to hang it?

Let us help. At Mars Gallery, we’re art installation-obsessed. After all, why have a great piece if it’s hidden away in a dark corner?

Experienced and personalized art installation service

Our professional installers work with residential and commercial clients. When we perform an artwork installation or hang your pictures, we respect your space, our staff is efficient, accurate and tidy. We bring all the necessary equipment to install your artwork securely, using techniques to ensure we don’t create unnecessary holes in your walls or other surfaces. And we move fast to minimize disruption to your home or workspace.

Not sure where you want to hang your pictures?

We offer in-home and other on-site consultations to help with aesthetic decisions, and offer other creative design and arranging ideas. Call us today to set up a consultation.

Determined to DIY? Here are a few picture-hanging tips from our expert installers:

  • Use picture-hanging hooks instead of heavy nails or screws—they’re designed to be secure.
  • Weigh your artwork to determine the right size/strength of picture hooks.
  • Use two picture hooks per artwork, to help keep it level and provide extra security.
  • Use a level and ruler to space your hooks about six inches apart, for an average size piece; larger artworks may need more space between hooks.
  • Think of a grouping of multiple pictures as one unit. Test an arrangement of pictures by laying everything out on the floor or on a large table, playing with combinations until you find an arrangement that feels balanced.
  • In general, artwork should be hung so that the center point of the picture (or grouping) is near eye level, approximately 60 inches from the floor.
  • Consider the space; don’t hang a huge picture on a small wall area, or a tiny picture on an otherwise-blank wall.
  • Hang pictures with a friend. It’s easier, and more fun.
  • For even more advice, check out these tips from the DIY Network.

Interested in custom art installation? Call us today to schedule a consultation.

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